14 karat gold, red sandalwood | wedding ring | The leaf of love | 2016

BONTE handmade Jewelry

The magic of sandalwood and silver

In summer 2012, I attended Boisbuchet design workshop in France. The instructor guided us through designing household goods by using local natural material. In order to find suitable natural material, I went into the forest and collected bamboo. Finally, I used the bamboos to design a series of spice containers and using recycled cork as the cap. 

Back to Taiwan, I started to collected fine wood from friends, from the forest, from the sea, I'm in love with wood, i see fine sandalwood as a precious stone, using metalworking techniques to work with wood, i've been working with wood and metal since 2013 till now. 

BONTE Handmade Jewelry, we work with precious metal, all kind of hardwood ( mainly sandalwood). we create necklace, earrings, ring, also Customized Jewelry.     




  • 木製金工系列商品|訂製

  • 客製手工婚戒|屬於自己的幸福

  • 戒指

  • 耳環

  • 項練





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